The Party Bus


A very cool promotion that we did for the advertising company “Archer” and Marlboro.

Part of the campaign in 33 countries our party bus traveled trough Bulgaria for 6 weeks, inviting people to enjoy onetime experience. Giants in three erias – sound, vision and taste, entertained the guests of this incredible bus.  

The “vision” was represented by MP-Studio trough 360 degree projection in a specially prepared by SEG party bus. The other giants was for “taste” – Petar Michalchev and Radi Stambolov and for sound – DJ Marten and Skiller. It was a lot of fun traveling around Bulgaria with the other “Giants” and meeting a lot of cool people on the way.

Technical implementation:
DJ Marten:
Petar Mihalchev:
Radi Stambolov:


Client:Phillip Moris Bulgaria, Archer