Winds of Time 3D Mapping

Client: Svilengrad 

Category: 3D Projection Mapping

To mark the Day of Svilengrad MP-Studio created the special 3D Mapping show “Winds of Time”. Following the history of the town from the Ancient times till now, key historical events were shown in an abstract and mystical way. The storyteller was the old library. For the first time in Bulgaria was used a voice-over to enhance the visual effects.

VFX Supervisor: Marin Petkov
3D Mapping animation: Marin Petkov & Vladimir Stanchev
Screenplay: Marin Petkov & Strahil Yordanov
Music: Alexander Dolapchiev RedOne
Voice-over: Marian Marinov
Event Manager: Mitya Atanasov
Technical Support: Special Event Group
Playback & 3D Mapping: MP-STUDIO