“They call them magicians of the light!” “They call them magicians of the light!”

We are very lucky to talk with It is an amazing new media, which concentrate on the positive news in  years, where negativity dominates the press. One of its main topics is to introduce young and successful professionals, who strive to make their dreams come true.

The reason they invited us for an interview was our second participation in the 2nd international 3D Projection Mapping competition, part of the Festival of Lights Berlin. We are very proud of this success, because it is amazing to be one of the best for second year in a roll. Also this year we will project on the famous TV Tower at Alexanderplatz, which will be illuminated for the first time.

Of course, in the interview we talked also about the studio itself and how it came to be in the first place, our goals, dreams and future projects.

Check it out!


 Marin Petkov: Be persistent and do not give up your dreams!


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