Mysteres dans la Nuit // St. Paul’s Cathedral // Liege 2014

Christmas // St. Paul’s Cathedral // Liege // Belgium
270 Degrees Projection Mapping // 5 Projectors // 25 minutes

The city of Liege renewed again the ways by which to describe Christmas. A 3d projection mapping show made it possible to re-design the volumes of the cathedral, the flagship of Liège heritage, thanks to simultaneous projection of light and 3d animation. The building became thus an immense multi-faceted screen and the enticing theatre for the rewriting of Bethlehem’s history. Fantastic optical illusions transformed the volumes, broke down the walls and created unexpected possibilities. The venue’s splendour and magic will lent itself to a marvellous story: the birth of a child in Bethlehem.

For the first time in Belgium this advanced technique was adapted by MP STUDIO for the interior of a cathedral. MP STUDIO created a 270° show that fully encircles the spec- tators.

Location: Liege