Bright Festival - METAMORPH
Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig
More than 25 artists from 12 countries around the world will present their site-specific works of art to the public in Leipzig - many of them for the first time. Immersive shows, interactive installations, live music performances, video mapping and lighting design will be shown.

The Kunstkraftwerk is a former thermal power station that has been transformed into an artistic space dedicated exclusively to multimedia art.
EVENT: Bright Festival Connect 2021
LOCATION: Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig
ORGANIZER : bright festival
Our show "Metamorph" is inspired by Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis" the experience presents a dystopian look at the human that has woken up beyond the horizon. The spectacle explores the dissolving frontier between humanity and technology, leading us to a world of uncertainty.
How many shades of human are there in the digital world of tomorrow?
The Metamorph ''prophecy'' is taking a guess.

Bright Festival Connect
Bright Festival Connect is carried out by Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig and the Bright Festival. The event is part of an innovative multinational cooperation project between Germany, Italy and Russia.
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