brussels stock exchange_
interior projection mapping
In 2015 the City Council of Brussels reached out to MP Studio with a proposal to do an interior projection mapping inside one of the Belgian capital’s most important landmarks. La Bourse De Bruxelles (Brussels Stock Exchange) was designed by the famous architect Léon Suys and until recently it was home to the oldest stock exchange in the world. We were honored to accept the proposal and work on the project which gave us the opportunity to use the building’s incredible interior architecture and deliver a unique show.
location: Brussels, Belgium
Since the building no longer houses the stock exchange the City Council now uses it as a venue for different cultural events. In the winter of 2015 the halls of La Bourse De Bruxelles housed one of Brussels’ biggest Christmas markets which set the theme for our show. Using 3D Projection Mapping Technology we created a 25-minute long installation called “Christmas Lights” which transformed the building’s century old interior and welcomed the holiday spirit in.
International experience
Our creative team was able to conceptualize and bring the show to reality in under four weeks. While interior projection mappings are usually not an easy task the interior architecture of La Bourse De Bruxelles added a second layer of difficulty. However, MP Studio was able to deliver and our show got praise from the contractors, as well as the tens of thousands of people who visited the market.
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