coca cola one brand_
stage projection mapping
In 2017 MP Studio was commissioned by Coca-Cola Bulgaria to create a stage projection mapping as part of the event for the official announcement of the company’s new brand strategy “One Brand”. The brief from Coca-Cola Bulgaria was to recreate the new strategy onstage so we decided to apply 3D Projection Mapping technology to create holographic effects for a fun and dynamic show for the guests.
EVENT: one brand
LOCATION: Sofia, Bulgaria
Client: Coca Cola
Technical partner: sec
holographic effects
Working alongside Coca-Cola’s team, our technical partners and choreographers we conceptualized and executed a breathtaking holographic show. Onstage the company’s executives and entertainers became one with the holograms and interacted with the projected visual objects around them as if they were real. We did holographic effects for the presentation of the company’s Marketing Director and as part of the dancers’ and acrobats performances.
stand out
Holographic effects are an effective option for onstage presentations and performances. We receive more and more inquiries for this service because this particular type of stage projection mapping gives the guests the opportunity to witness a unique and often once in a lifetime show. Holographic effects would be a good fit for your company or organisation if you are looking for ways to do an unconventional event and stand out.
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