Meji Memorial Picture Gallery - AWAKE
“Awake” takes us on a journey into the depths of our human nature to remind us that we all have a role in the future of civilization.
It is a visual experience where the dystopian tomorrow is only a choice away. Is our infinite appetite laying the foundations of our end, or is the flourishing of a balanced and empathic society on the horizon?
EVENT: one minute projection mapping COMPETITION
LOCATION: Meji Memorial Picture Gallery in tokyo, JAPAN
ORGANIZER : Projection Mapping Association of Japan
meji memorial picture gallery

“Awake” illuminated the façade of Meji Memorial Picture Gallery in Tokyo, during this year’s 1minute Projection Mapping.
We decided to journey across the planet and showcase our creative skills and art-style to fellow professionals.
Our mission with this project was to escape from any restrictions and produce something we would be proud of.
The entire team had a blast working on this project and having the opportunity to compete with other studios made the experience even more memorable.
We will be back!
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