Bolshoi Theatre_
Due to contemporary life dynamics we all get bored very quickly. That’s why we are always looking for something new. We like to challenge ourselves and experiment with new ideas, that not only demonstrate graphic excellence, but create one of a kind experience for the audience.

EVENT: Art vision 2017
LOCATION: Moscow, Russia
CLIENT: Circle of light
An adventure in the depths of the mind_
An adventure in the depths of the mind. Our show “Rebirth” is a three minute hypnosis with the sole purpose of freeing the mind of all chains of modern society. A 180 seconds rebirth.
As I count backwards to zero, you will relax more deeply and go deeper and deeper…’’
a vivid graphic journey_
A vivid graphic journey whispering simple but fundamental truths that help us be free. To Love and believe in yourself. To forget all prejudice and focus on the things that make you smile, rather than the endless struggle for the material. To have the courage to face your fears and become stronger and complete.
A deep voice will guide the audience till all beliefs that prevent us from being happy and free are erased… Until we feel thankful for who we are and confident for what awaits us

‘’3, 2, 1, 0. Snap. Welcome to your new life. Your mind is now free.”
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