Festival of Lights 2020

We are super excited about the fact that as a tradition, MP-STUDIO will take major part of this year's special edition of the Festival of Lights!

Even in these confusing times, we will celebrate light and art again, through stunning visuals, animations and installations spread around the city of Berlin!

This year's been tough for everyone so we hope that we can deliver some breath of fresh air and inspiration to all the visitors, leaving them with positive experience and memories!

You will find light art in partly hidden corners in Berlin's neighborhoods, as well as well-known buildings and squares that will shine during the entire Festival of Lights.
There also will be new light art that changes daily at the “Festival of Lights on Tour”. Luminous productions invite you to a dreamy stroll and discovery in all 12 Berlin districts!

In order to enable all worldwide lighting enthusiasts and fans to visit the festival, we are celebrating the premiere at the 16th Festival of Lights and will also let the festival take place digitally! Augmented Reality, virtual 3D video shows, live streams await you in the festival's new app (from September).

Check out the official teaser:

author Angela Nedialkova

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