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Hey there! 

We’ve got some pretty exciting news and we believe your business will appreciate them in these confusing times! Why? Because soon we’re launching a safe solution for your events - from corporate conferences and panels to workshops and even parties! 

If that’s not enough to catch your eye, here’s more...



MP Virtual Events is an interactive and fully customisable platform for virtual events  which can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, by only a click of a button!

The platform offers your event’s attendees the options to interact with your host and between each other via text, audio and video messages. They can express emotions, vote in real-time surveys and even download files that you want to share with them!

In time of social distancing our main goal is to keep our audiences safe and at the same time to support our partners and clients through new and adaptive marketing tools. This is why we developed a platform that keeps the excitement and social aspect of a real live event, while providing the opportunity to join in from every part of the world without the hassle of travel and physical interaction. Our platform can add value to any offline event, by letting your present or online visitors to interact with each other. A technology that connects you with your clients, customers, partners and fans.

Now we’re talking, right? Do contact us and don’t let any obstacle stop you from your goals - the future is now.

Be part of it!

author Marin Dimitrov

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