50 years Berlin TV tower_

Opened by the GDR government on 3 October 1969 as a symbol of the emerging state, the TV tower is today a symbol of the reunited Germany in the middle of the capital, said the German Funkturm GmbH as an owner and catering company for the visitor area of the TV tower Alexanderplatz.

A must for Berlin visitors!

The construction of the slender tower with the characteristic ball at a height of around 200 meters is regarded as a technical masterpiece. Around one million visitors experience the capital every year from this perspective. Also popular is the restaurant in the ball, which rotates once in an hour around its own axis. (source: Berlin.de )

MP-STUDIO had the opportunity to create a spectacular 3D Projection Mapping show, which selebrates the 50th anniversary of the monument. The show was projected on 4.10.2019 and it was 10 minutes long and represented the history of the Berlin TV tower - from the start of its construction until its 50th Birthday. 



author Marin Dimitrov

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